What do Class Rep's do?

  • Chat at the school gate, over WhatsApp and social media! 

  • They share PTA info and assist to co-ordinate with class drop off / donations and share event ideas

  • We need a few Class Rep's for each year group

How much time is involved in helping?

It's as much or as little time as you can spare:

  • 1 hour on one event in the school year

  • 30 mins a month

  • Behind the scenes advertising, 15 mins per term

  • Being a Class Rep - spreading the word at the school gate & on social media

  • It's completely up to you, but the more people involved, the less we'll all have to do! You get the idea, everyone can help out a little and it all makes a difference to our children

When & where are meetings?

  • Recently we've had meetings over Zoom, due to Covid restrictions

  • As restrictions are lifting slightly, we aim to have as many meetings in school hall, so we can safely space out

  • Meetings will be once per term

  • Everyone is welcome at all meetings

  • There is a WhatsApp group for anyone wanting to be involved

I can't attend the meetings, where are the minutes of previous meetings?

  • Yes! The minutes will be added on here

  • We aim to post a short agenda prior to the meetings

  • If you can't attend in person and have something to suggest or ask, please contact us on here and we'll assist

I don't have much free time how can I help?

There are lots of ways to help:

  • Share school events via social media to other parents, carers & family who might not be on Facebook

  • Suggesting an event idea

  • Ask your employer for a donation and giving it us to sell or will they match our fundraising if you're involved in an event. Some companies allow time for for charity work

  • Are you or anyone in your family good at crafts and could make/donate items we could sell?

  • Could you collect an item/s from a local shop for an event? 

  • Are you a Mental Health or Wellbeing Champion or work in Inclusive roles and could provide guidance to school?

Why do we need a PTA?

Shrinking budgets, increasing class sizes & poor government funding. The PTA can assist with this:

  • Host fun events – that can help develop critical thinking & creativity

  • Links families to school info

  • Engages with school

  • Supports an inclusive environment

  • Enhances books and literary options

  • Help to strengthen our school community

  • Raise money to support the specific needs of school

  • Believe we can make every child’s potential a reality!