What are we Raising Money For?

School Amazon Wishlist here

All items purchased via this Amazon wishlist, will be delivered directly to school.

EYFS & Year 1

Click here for the Forest School wish list of items

Some items people might be able to make or have at home, others will be transferred over to the Amazon wishlist.

Meditation in Forest

Extra Supplies

Craft items, inline with year group projects. 
If you can donate any coloured tissue, card, festive craft resources, please drop these off at school. Thank you.

School Supply

Sensory Area & Equipment

We are committed to being inclusive. We want to provide all children resources and space, to meet their individual needs so they can shine.

Colorful Bubbles

More Technology Equipment

Some original parts of the school need updating with technology equipment. We are committed to ensure all classrooms have the right tech available

Building a Robot

Online Learning Resources

We want to ensure that all children can thrive through online resources as well as classroom learning.

Online Class

Outdoor Sun Canopy

When the sun comes out, we want to ensure the children can enjoy the outside space under protective shade.


Breaktime Sports Equipment

Children always need more sports equipment and breaktime activities, we want to ensure these are replaced and updated regularly.

Innovative Playground

All Weather Sports Track

This certainly is a big ticket item! Soon school will have another field, the aim is to have an 'all weather' sports track on this field for the children to use.

Running Tracks